Beginning our travelling adventure…

In the last couple of years we’ve been itching to go travelling. From hearing friends travels stories, watching YouTube vlogs, reading blog posts to even seeing global snapchat stories, it inspired us to finally make our travelling plan. We had a few places in mind to go and explore, which pushed us into making an appointment with STA Travel last year, to see our options.

STA Travel Covent Garden

STA Travel in Covent Garden, London

It was quite surprising how our first travel appointment would be the time we would actually book our flights! We had a pretty good idea of where we wanted to go beforehand, it was just a matter of working out the collective costs of flights and the best routes to take. STA were able to literally plan our trip within the hour and then we paid a simple deposit to hold the flights!

Who’da thought £49 could you make you feel like you were on top of the world already?!

Check out the video Joe made for his YouTube channel, announcing our plans and celebrating the new year!

So, where first? Hong Kong.

The gateway to Asia, on one of the most popular flight paths in the world; LHR>HKG.

Our stay in Hong Kong would throw us straight into travelling mode, with a packed few days around a bustling city. I’ve been before and I knew that Joe would love it, as there are open opportunities to take photos everywhere!

Joe had mentioned that he’d wanted to go to Hong Kong ever since he was little, so it was perfect that it would be our first stop, since it was a great way to explore a brand new city, completely different to London.

We’re actually just finishing our time in Hong Kong, so have a read about what we got up to here! You can also check out our Instagram with up-to-date photos from our days as well!

Where next?

The next stop in our exciting trip is Thailand! This has been on our horizon to make sure we get a trip here, as my mum lives there. So there’s no excuse not to go and explore!

Again with the same reason to visit Japan afterwards, as my dad and all my family are from Tokyo, so we get to go and visit them! We’ve made sure that we have plenty of time to visit family and explore a lot of Japan throughout the Spring – hopefully we’ll catch the cherry blossoms as well!

After exploring Asia we’re then on to Australia and New Zealand. We’d stumbled back and forth on where to base ourselves for the next year and we finally decided to live in Melbourne! Wellington and Auckland in New Zealand were very close seconds, however since we knew our close friends were moving to Melbourne, it was the better option to stay there.

We’re pretty sure we’ll really enjoy the culture of Melbourne in comparison to London, based purely on what everyone has told us about the creativity and culture (neither of us have actually been before!).

So it’s onwards and upwards from here! Make sure you check back on our blog and social profiles to see what we’ve been up to; and leave a comment if you’ve any thoughts on the places we’ve been or are going to!

Thanks for stopping by!

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