KYOTO, NARA + OSAKA | Japan Travel Vlog (Ep. 5/6)

We stayed in Kyoto for 3 days with a day to explore Osaka and Nara.

Our first stop was going to Nishiki Market when we got to Kyoto. Our friends got to see and taste food from the street markets while making our way to Gion Street to see Yasaka Pagoda.

The second day, we wanted to experience the bowing deer in Nara. Joe and I never made it last year while travelling Japan so it was great for us to go explore there too. It made sense to stop off at Osaka on the way home (to Kyoto) and ended up in a All-you-can-drink izakaya French themed bar.

Our last day one of the main things our friends wanted to do was go see Fushimi Inari before we went back to Tokyo for their final days.