FIRST EXPERIENCES IN TOKYO | Japan Travel Vlog (Ep.2/6)

Our friends came to visit us in Tokyo, and it was the best two weeks ever! They’ve never experienced Asia so was great to show them around, they had all the firsts.

First time in 7/11, vending machine experience, eating at Japanese bakeries, Takeshita Street in Harajuku, picnic in Yoyogi Park, crossing the Famous Shibuya crossing and having proper udon!

We had a lot to catch up on since we hadn’t seen them for a year and a half when we left London for travelling so a lot of drinking and eating had been done!

Places we went to:

HUB Ikebukuro – Drinks
Takeshita Dori, Harajuku
Totti Candy Factory – candy floss
Yoyogi Park – picnic
Muji store and LoFT, Shibuya
Kirin City – (frozen beer)
Hanamaru Udon
Mister Donuts
Motomachi, Godo doria – Ikebukuro Lumine 8F
Sunshine City, Ikebukuro
Round 1 Arcades – photobooth
Kin no Kura – Izakaya bar Ikebukuro