NEW YEAR 2016 – We’re Going Travelling!

Okay okay, I’ve hinted at this long enough! Here’s a short little fireworks sequence to ring in the New Year of 2016 in style. PLUS, my big announcement that I’ve been promising!

As I’ve been hinting at for quite a while now, I am going travelling throughout 2016 and beyond!

Extended travel has long been a dream of mine and I am excited to announce that I will be exploring the world with my girlfriend, Elly! Starting in Hong Kong, then moving through Thailand, Japan, Australia and New Zealand before settling in Melbourne, Australia for about a year.

I will be making tonnes and tonnes of content along the way which you will be able to see on this channel as well as my blog, Instagram and Twitter accounts. There will always be a heavy shift towards photography and creativity, but with the addition of some travel-based content! It’s going to be an exciting year ahead!

Alongside this channel and my other social networks, I will also be running a blog with Elly, called Jelly Journeys. You can read more about us over at and follow us on Instagram and Twitter as well.