Paris In The Rain Photography

For our final day in Paris, we explored some of the streets getting some urban street photography of this beautiful city! The weather wasn’t too special and we got completely drenched by the rain, but it was still great fun to be out with our cameras nonetheless.

We explored mainly around Le Marais, Notre Dame and then towards the Eiffel Tower for some specific shot ideas of the iconic landmark through the buildings.

Given this was the first full weekend to experience shooting with the Fujifilm X-H1, my initial impression is very high! I’ve been shooting a lot with the 50mmF2 and seriously loving this combo. Now I’m excited for the next destination… Antigua!

P.S. Anyone else spot the same image accidentally shown twice? For the sake of 2 seconds in the vlog, it’s a bit silly for me to spend 3 hours re-exporting and re-uploading a new version, ha!