TOKYO, JAPAN — Amazing Travel Vlog

We travel around the busiest city in the world for 4 weeks during cherry blossom season in Spring (Sakura) – through Shinjuku, Shibuya, Asakusa, Akihabara, Nagano and more!

Tokyo is easily the most amazing city we’ve ever visited, so we were extremely excited to be back here for a whole month! Follow our vlog as we show the highlights from our Japanese leg of a large amount of travelling throughout 2016. The whole trip was a huge whirlwind of seeing amazing sights, eating the best food in the world and living like a local in the greatest city on Earth. We captured so much footage throughout our time in Tokyo, that it honestly made it incredibly difficult to cut this vlog down to a manageable size. For that reason, there is a whole other vlog on the way from our trip to Osaka/Kobo/Kyoto/Hiroshima along with some high-quality short films as well.

We were very snap happy in Tokyo as it’s easily one of the most fascinating countries we’ve ever been too, you can see the photos we took here.