Travel Photography Hacks — Road Trips & Helicopters

A really simple travel photography hack to take better photos from the road whilst travelling in a car, helicopter, boat or similar!

I take a large amount of photos whilst driving long distances on road trips. If I were to stop at every location I wanted to snap a shot, I wouldn’t get anywhere. So I set about testing some settings to maximise the success rate of getting photos through the window of a moving car, without sacrificing the image quality.

A Pre-Emptive Thought on ISO Comments

I still find it ridiculous how so many people are so afraid of using ISOs higher than 400. Namely because they’ve been reading outdated textbooks on old technology. These days, cameras are well-equipt with high performance sensors that can operate at much higher ISOs than previous years.

Using 3200 is extremely usable in most situations. But the question you have to continually ask yourself is, “do you want a blurry/underexposed shot with no noise, or a sharp, correctly exposed shot that may have slight noise?”

Massive thanks to the Helicopter Line for taking us on the Heli Hike.

Thanks to 58 On Cron for Hosting us in Franz Josef.