About Jelly Journeys

Jelly Journeys is a hub for a variety of creative travel content via photography, video and writing, that aims to inspire others to lead a life of travel and exploration.

With a focus on creating high quality visual content that excites, entertains and informs our viewers; we hope that you’ll enjoy our journeys and follow us around the world!

As time has gone on, we’ve amassed a large and rapidly-growing audience—primarily through YouTube with Joe’s Channel and our collective Jelly Journeys Channel. We take pride in the community we’ve grown and the premium content we’re producing week-by-week!

Joe + Elly = Jelly

Jelly Journeys is comprised of Joe and Elly — a couple of media professionals with a passion to travel the world and document their journeys and experiences.

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Joe is an incessantly driven creative, with a professional background as a designer within advertising and marketing. Along with numerous other self-directed outlets such as photography and web development from the past ten years, Joe has worked towards being as creatively involved as possible.

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Ever since watching her first beauty video on YouTube way back in 2006, Elly has been hooked on online marketing within the content creator world. Having been subscribed to 400+ YouTube channels for the last ten years, as well as being a consistent reader of fashion and beauty related blogs; Elly has observed the evolution of the advertising and blogging industries, to a near-obsessive detail.

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From very young ages, both Joe and Elly have had an immense interest in photography. With experimentation within fashion, sports, landscape, and photojournalism; the unified direction for both has now resided with travel, lifestyle and street photography as a primary focus.

What is Jelly Journeys?

Jelly Journeys is essentially an expansion into the travel space from Joe’s successful work through blogging (at joeallam.co.uk) and his YouTube channel. Having experimented with blogging platforms since 2006 as a way of sharing his design and photography, it finally started to get serious in 2014 when Joe started his YouTube channel to share insights into his creative life, following the formation of his company.

What originally started as a collaborative blog to document various travels around the world, Jelly Journeys has become a huge library of content and information that attracts thousands of viewers per week.

Since leaving London on an epic adventure around the world at the start of 2016, we have partnered with various companies such as Adobe, Fujifilm, Panasonic Lumix, Manfrotto, Lowepro, Air New Zealand, Topdeck Travel, Tourism New Zealand, Philippine Department of Tourism, Hertz, Ngāi Tahu Tourism, Great Ocean Road Tourism and more, to create bespoke creative content!

Currently: London, UK

Following a couple of years travelling, including a year based in Melbourne, Australia we’ve now returned to London and constantly looking for the next exciting adventure or partnership!

We take an enormous amount of photographs and video footage wherever we travel. The outcomes of which you will be able to see on our Instagram profiles (@joeallam and @ellythings), Joe’s YouTube channel, Jelly Journeys YouTube Channel and of course here on the blog at jellyjourneys.com!

Feel free to reach out to us if you’re looking to partner on some bespoke content for a particular destination or activity!

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