Our Top 5 Instagrammers in Asia

As you’re probably aware, photography is kind of what we’re all about. You’ll already know that we love taking photos and of course sharing them all with you guys. I’ve found Instagram to be a great place to go for travel inspiration, especially considering we’re always on the lookout for great photography spots. I follow over 400 accounts of amazing photographers which means my feed is always full of beautiful photos.

It’s the best place to get inspired for everything visual.

Whenever we get a location in mind we pretty much look at every hashtag and location tag of the place to see what other photographers or Instagrammers were taking. Not only is it a great way to see some incredible inspiration, it’s actually also great to judge what the recent weather has been like at the spot you want to go to.  A prime example of this would be when we went to Nagano to see the Snow Monkeys. It was the end of spring and it was literally the quickest way to know whether there were any snow.

We ❤️ Instagram

We wanted to share our favourite Instagrammers, who inspired us to go to various places during our five month of travels earlier this year. Here are some of our favourites who have covered some great shots around Hong Kong and Japan.


If you’re not already following vdubl, where have you been?! Joe showed me her account a couple of years ago and we’ve continued to admire her photography shots and style ever since.


Edwardb  is another Instagrammer who I saw featured on vdubl’s account and he posts some amazing shots of places in Asia, such as Hong Kong, China and Japan. I really love the soft tones throughout his style of photography.



Japan is seriously photogenic, there are some serious contenders in the  Instagram community. Among many others, we absolutely love the style of Nandinjp’s account and he shoots parts of Osaka and Tokyo beautifully.

You should also go follow Yuma1983s5_minami and_tuck4 to see an insight in Tokyo lifestyle.

If you enjoyed this post, come back to take a look at our favourite Instagrammers for those amazing nature shots in Australia and New Zealand!

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